• Mallow Town Centre

Mallow Town Centre

110,000 m2


- present, 2005

Alchemy Properties are a property subsidiary of the North Cork co-op Dairygold established to manage and develop the co-op giant’s property portfolio. The original site was partly occupied by a 4Home superstore / home and garden outlet, which will be expanded.

The development included 24,224 sq.m of retail space, including conventional retailing and retail warehousing units; 5,387 sq.m of office and leisure space; 2,445 sq.m devoted to restaurant and pub use; and 2,941 sq.m of residential units including townhouses and duplexes. In addition, there would be a museum and hotel complex constructed.

The purpose of the scheme was to reinvigorate and transform this area of the town and the Masterplan was taken on by the local authority as part of their overall Mallow Development Plan to attract new investments to the community.

Axiseng were responsible for all aspects of the mechanical and electrical systems design as part of the Masterplanning for this development.

The massive development creates up to 400 new jobs for the local community during the construction period in a time when the economy was in recession. Once completed, the Mallow Town centre is expected to attract up to 70,000 shoppers a week and generate an annual turnover of about €50million.