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Clúid Emerald Housing

19 Apartment Units

Dublin, Ireland

2013, 2014

The Clúid Housing Association was established in 1994 to provide affordable high-quality housing for people who cannot afford to buy their own home or pay for private rented housing. The not-for-profit organisation has grown to become Ireland’s largest housing association, providing over 5,000 of the 27,000 homes supplied by all housing associations in Ireland.

The project, located in Ballymun on the north side of Dublin, consisted of the development of a partially completed site with 19 housing and apartment units within 4 residential blocks (Blocks A, B, C & D) for social housing.

The M&E design by Axiseng was completed in consultation with Ballymun Regeneration Scheme and Clúid Housing Association.

Block A was completely demolished with the services installations to this block primarily comprising infrastructural below ground ducting and drainage as well as district heating and water systems pipe work. The pipe work were entirely stripped out and the ducting were stripped and capped at the nearest manhole.

Block B was retained and comprised 8 no. two storey, two bedroom terraced units. Some of units were fitted with first fix heating and water services pipe work which were exposed since the cessation of the original construction programme. The existing services were stripped out in their entirety.

Block C was rebuilt and all existing services were stripped out. This unit comprised 1 no. single storey, three bedroom disabled access unit and 1 no. single storey, one bedroom unit.

Block D was retained and required considerable refurbishment and completion. Installed services were primarily infrastructural to service risers but generally incomplete within the units themselves. This block comprised 5 no. three storey, three bedroom units, 2 no. two storey, two bedroom duplex units, 2 no. two storey, two bedroom apartments and a caretaker’s suite. The basement within Block D housed the toilet and tea station facilities for the on-site caretaker as well as general storage. A rain water harvesting tank and booster pump for water supply to landscaping were also located in the basement.